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Savithri - The Great Wife

Savithri is very popular person in Indian History. She was a great wife. Due to her luck she got back her husband's life after death. It is not possible that anyone can get his life after death. It is very strange to hear, But it is all Savithri's devotee nature and spiritual power. 

  • Full Name:-       Savithri
  • Father's Name:-   Ashwapati, King of Madra
  • Mother's Name:-   Malavi
  • Husband's Name:-   Satyavan
  • Father-in law Name:-  Dyumatsena, King of Salvadesha

Birth Story & Early Life:-

Savithri was born in the house of Ashwapati, the King of Madra. The king Ashwapati wished to have a son. He prayed  Goddess Savithri for a long time. After pleasing by his prayers, Goddess Savithri gave a boon to him that he will get soon a beautiful daughter. After sometime King Ashwapati got a daughter and He has given name Savithri her as the name of God Savithri. When Savithri grew up, She was so much beautiful and lovely as Goddess. 

Her Marriage Story:- 

When Savithri reached the age of Marriage, She was so much beautiful then after seeing her no prince, strong and brave man felt humble. They felt that they are not eligible to marry with her. Savithri also refused to marry, She said that she will search husband for herself in this world. For this purpose Ashwapati made arrangement for her journey. He sent his warriors to protect her. Savithri went many kingdoms but she did not find any young prince. She met with many sages and gave them alms and many gifts. 
She returned back from her journey then she found Satyavan. He was the son of King Dyumatsena who had lost everything including his sight and kingdom Salvadesha. Savithri decided to marry with Satyavan. 

Sage Narada's Statement:- 

When Savithri choose  Satyavan then  Sage Narada came to near Ashwapati and told that your daughter made a bad choice. The reason is that Satyavan has short life. He said that Satyavan is an excellent choice, he is true person so it is known as Satyavan. He loved horses in his childhood so it is known as Chithrashwa. Ashwapati said to Savithri to choose another person for marriage. But Savithri looked at Narada and her father, she said that Satyavan is her choice and he can be her husband while he is short lived or get a long life. Ashwapathi did go against the wishes of his daughter and give her blessings. 

Marriage Life:- 

Savithri married with Satyavan. She went with Satyavan to live in forest. She removed her all jewels and wore the dress of hermit. She served her father-in law and mother-in law in very good way. She also became the beloved wife of Satyavan. 
Now she was taking the enjoy of her marriage life but she could not forget the words of sage Narada even for a moment. She was counting the days like one day passed, 2 days passed. She did always her work with honesty while she was in a great sorrow. She did never show his grief in front of anyone. 

Last 3 days of Satyavan's Life:- 

The time has passed day by day of Satyavan 's life. When four days were left of Satyavan's life, Savithri spent three days in religious things like She fasted for 3 days. She did not drink a drop of water with in these 3 days. 
Savithri worshiped of Goddess Savithri. She begged to Goddess for her husband's life. Her father-in-law said to her to do these things but she said that bless me father and do not say to give up these things. 

Predicted Day of Death:- 

The three days passed like three moment for Savithri. The morning came, Savithri passed last night with very restlessly. She completed her daily household duties. She served her father-in-law and mother-in-law. She gave them food. Her parents-in law gave her blessing like live long with your husband.
Savithri asked permission to her parents-in-law to go forest with her husband Satyavan that day. She never asked anything so her parents-in-law gave her the permission. In the forest, Satyavan started his work of collecting firewood. He made a seat for Savithri and said to sit there. Satyavan felt tired in the noon time with some headache. He came and lay down for resting in Savithri's lap. 

Yama, The God Of Death- came:- 

After coming to near Savithri, Satyavan lay down for resting in her lap, At once whole forest grew dark, Savithri saw a tall thing standing near her. He was The God of Death- Yama. It is not possible for anyone that he/she can see Yama but due to Savithri's devotee nature towards her husband, She was able to talk with Yama. She asked to Yama - "Who are you Lord and why have you come here?" Yama told that I have come to take soul of your husband. 

Yama gave back life of Satyavan:- 

After taking the soul of Satyavan, Yama traveled some distance and looked back. Savithri was following him. Yama felt some strange that He had taken many souls but nobody followed him. He stopped her to follow him by saying that you were the shadow of her husband when he was alive so go back your home.
Savithri gave many valuable thoughts in front of Yama related to Wisdom and Dharma. Yama was pleased
with conversation of Savithri and He asked her for a boon except her husband's life. She said- "I am interested to ask for myself. If you want to give anything then My father-in-law see this world with his eyes". Yama gave this boon by saying that it is great that you are not asking for yourself and you are tired go back home.
Savithri said that how can I tired when I am near of my husband. Yama was impressed with her wisdom and ask for another boon except your husband's life. Now Savithri asked that her father-in-law got back his kingdom. Again Yama gave the boon to her and said to go back home and so your duty.
Savithri said some talk about Dharma, and again Yama asked her for another boon except your husband's life by saying your words are like nectar. Savithri asked that her father-in-law may have sons so his family may continue. Yama gave the boon to her and said to go back home.
In this argument between Savithri and Yama, Savithrti asked that She has some children with Satyavan and Yama gave this boon without thinking anything. Then after defeating by Savithri in argument, Yama gave return back the life of Satyavan.

At last Savithri's father-in-law got his eyes with his kingdom. So it's all true devotee nature and spiritual power of Savithri. She got back her husband's life with a good future for her family. So it is the great example of true love from a wife to husband.   

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